Inventory Services


An inventory is the itemisation of goods and their condition.

Inventory & check in

This is when the Inventory is compiled and the Check In is carried out in the same visit. The Check In is the agreeing/signing of the inventory report.

Who needs one?

Every landlord should have an inventory for each property.


Because this outlines not only what is in the property, but also what condition it is in.

An Inventory report is a legally binding document that provides a concise assessment of the condition and contents of a rental property before a tenancy commences. Landlords and tenants will have peace of mind as the Inventory enables fair and impartial decisions to be made over the return of deposits. The report is well detailed and it crucial in the lettings market.

In the event of a deposit dispute, the Inventory report will be used by the regulatory body as the most important source of factual evidence. It is therefore crucial that your inventory services are carried out by trained specialists such as us.

All reports are sent electronically to the tenants, agents and landlords and signed by them


A Check In takes place at the very start of a tenancy, where we will fully brief the tenant on the contents and condition of the property, whilst documenting any necessary updates to the Inventory report. The report will have a detailed description of each room accompanied with images of the room to ensure maximum accuracy

The check-in report details the condition of the property and sets the standards at which the property should be maintained. The property should be returned in a good state at the end of tenancy

Mid-Term Inspection

These inspections are arranged periodically to keep landlord and agent aware of any potential defects within the property during the tenancy. Rather than being a check against the original inventory, the mid-term inspection will comment on any obvious issues such as damp/leaks, mould, evidence of pets, infestation and smoking as well as general standards of housekeeping. This inspection also gives the tenants the opportunity to flag up any outstanding maintenance issues.

Check-out Report

A Check Out takes place on the last day of a tenancy, where we will carry out a thorough assessment of the property’s current condition against the original Inventory and Check In reports. Any discrepancies are immediately documented and reported to all parties concerned.

A report is produced and emailed to the managing agent/landlord accompanied with images show the defects. Any changes to the property will be assigned to either the tenants, the landlord upkeep or fair wear and tear.

The report will also show the final meter reads and that all keys are returned

Sample report available upon request