Inventories and Tenancy Deposit Protection

In April 2007 the Government introduced compulsory tenancy deposit protection for all new tenancies. This is a very important piece of legislation and below we explain the benefits of having a professionally prepared inventory

At the end of a tenancy, unless you have a professional independent third party inventory in place to record the condition of the property and any of its contents, it will be difficult to achieve a successful resolution in the event of a dispute over the return or retention of any part of the tenants’ deposit

Failure to compile this type of inventory at the start of the tenancy may result in the tenant automatically receiving the deposit back IN FULL at the end of the tenancy regardless of the circumstances and any claim against it.

Landlords or agents must use one of the approved Tenancy Deposit Protection schemes to protect tenants’ deposits where these conditions apply

The approved schemes have joined forces to produce A Guide to Tenancy Deposits, Disputes and Damages.